“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”    Golda Meir

I just LOVE the sentiment of this quote!  We are only able to reach the pinnacle of our greatness when we TRUST (and LOVE) ourselves.  When we embrace who we truly are in our entirety, we are able to take the small voices that tell us to move beyond our fears-fears of the possibility of failure or of not being enough and transform them into motivation, action and CHANGE!


If I am to ask others to share their stories, I must be willing to share my own…..

I had an accident at a very early age that resulted in a burn on my left leg. As a child, I didn’t notice the difference and, I think that I embraced it in a way that I was not able to appreciate until much later in life.   I was visiting the Shriner’s Hospital in Boston on a regular basis and seeing others who were burned and scared and suffering just as I was.  Little did I know then, that these visits would become a source of strength, empathy AND a testament to the power of sharing experiences as I grew older.

As I grew up, I felt inferior to others… In my mind, I was flawed.  I built a belief system off of this.  My belief was that I didn’t fit the profile of someone who was attractive or whole.  My guess is that anyone who knew me then would be surprised by this admission.  And, I will say that there were sparks of inspiration to BE MYSELF along the way!  It is never black and white.

As a young adult, I remember feeling like I needed to over-compensate.  I did everything in my power to hide how I was feeling about myself.  I had the perfect hair, the perfect make-up, the perfect outfit.  It was all outward focused.  I did everything in my power to make other people happy.  While I did this out of love and concern for them, I did not recognize the source OR the consequences of my need to please.

In adulthood, it trickled over.  While I had done a TON of work on myself, I was still concerned with what other people thought-above and beyond what I THOUGHT OF ME.  UGH!  That lead me down some paths that were not healthy or true to me.

So..I am going to be super honest here-this has all been really hard to write but even harder to acknowledge about myself.

What I know TODAY as a result of my journey:

I am Independent and Strong and at the same time, I am vulnerable 

I am Beautiful and I am flawed

I am Confident and I am questioning


AND I would love to know YOU!  If you have a story (and I believe you do!), let’s connect! 

Sending love your way!


PS…check out my new website!  AND stay tuned to learn more about THE RESILIENCY PROJECT!  xoxo





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