Trauma is a part of our everyday life.  It shows up through illness, accidents, unhealthy relationships and the many tragedies that we witness over and over on the news. Trauma can be a one-time event or it can be cumulative.  It can have a devastating effect on our body, our emotions and our soul.  Trauma is technically defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” 

We know how to define it but how do we heal it?  To find the answers, I did three things:

  • I looked back on my own journey in healing
  • I created a list of the people who inspire me
  • I reached out and I asked questions

As a result, I have had some really AMAZING conversations about healing from past and current wounds.  I have spoken with former trauma support group members, coaching clients, friends, loved ones and other professionals in the mental health and healing fields.  The consensus is that talking about the wounds only goes so far AND quite honestly, talking about it too much can keep us stuck!  There comes a point where we have to say, WHAT’S NEXT?  What do I really DESIRE and how can I create it?

Some of the strategies that I want to share…

STOP! BREATH AND NOTICE (Intuition shows up when you quiet the mind)  Keep a journal and notice patterns. 

TAKE SOME TIME IN A QUIET, SAFE SPACE AND CONTEMPLATE WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE TO HAVE MORE OF IN YOUR LIFE:  Paint a picture in your mind and write it down, paint it, draw it.  Find a way to record the details and view or listen to them over and over.

WRITE YOURSELF A LOVE NOTE: I love me because _________________.  I bring ________________to the world.  I am___________________ (list all of your unique and beautiful traits.  Hard to do? Ask others to share what they love about you).

CREATE A MANTRA FOR YOURSELF: I AM_________________ (fill in the blank with the trait/quality that you are desiring to manifest more of).

FOCUS ON GRATITUDE!  Today, I am grateful for______________________,  BECAUSE__________________!  (The reason you are grateful is so important to acknowledge because it brings more depth to the gratitude).

EMBRACE REIKI:  Reiki is a beautiful healing modality when working with trauma.  Pronounced “ray-key”, it is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy.  While it does not replace talking about the trauma with a professional if that is what you need, it does enhance the work done with a Therapist or Trauma Specialist.  Trauma can be viewed as unhealthy energy trapped in the body.  Gently releasing it with bodywork along with talking therapy can transform negative thought patterns and behaviors.  Reiki heals on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  It can be conducted without speaking, allowing for the release of deep seated and profound feelings of grief or loss.  Reiki is helpful when talking about trauma is triggering or when words are inadequate to express the depths of pain you are experiencing.  It is also helpful when talk therapy brings up repressed memories and emotions.  As Reiki Practitioners, we provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you and treatments bring relief as well as activating a natural process to restore your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state of balance and well-being.

Whatever your path to healing is, remember it is YOUR PATH.  There is no right or wrong way to heal.  It is an ART not a Science.  Progress is not always linear.  In fact, it is more like a spiral of moving forward and then circling back a little and then building on the momentum from the first step to move even further along the path.  While it may feel discouraging to re-live the tough stuff over and over, remember it is an opportunity to truly transform.

Healing is an A.R.T.

Acknowledge-It happened.  Pushing it down or pushing through the emotions only creates more trauma.  Sit with it.  Speak about what it means that it happened with a safe person.  Write about it.  Draw it.  Do what it takes to get it out and share how it feels.  Honor your emotions

Respond-Observe how you show up in life.  AND take time to contemplate how you truly WANT to show up.  Who do you want to BE going forward AND what avenues can you explore to be your true self?  Listen to your intuition and take thoughtful action.

Transform-Follow any healthy path that moves you forward.  Trust your instincts.  Explore your options by participating in any and all activities that allow you to feel safe and change the way that you see yourself in relationship to the trauma.  The trauma doesn’t necessarily go away, but we are able to change how we feel about it and how much it affects us.

This is YOUR PATH and you know the way.  Block out the noise and give yourself permission to EXPLORE.  You may be surprised to find that the transformation is in the exploration! 

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Sending you so much love!

Karen XOXO

The A.R.T. of Healing
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