Have you ever had one of those encounters that leave you drained, feeling sluggish and unmotivated?  Maybe it is a particular person who had this effect on you due to their low-level energy, their negativity (glass half empty outlook) or their constant crisis mode.  Perhaps it is a place that drains you-too much stimulation, a lot of noise, unpleasant events unfolding. Whatever the cause, you find yourself struggling to swim up from the depths of that murky, heavy energy to a place of balance and equilibrium.   AND… If you are faced with this challenge day in and day out, as many of us are, it impacts multiple aspects of your life.  So, what can we do to release that HEAVY energy that often isn’t even ours to begin with?

Here are Four Steps To An Energetic Re-Set

Start by grounding….this step alone is monumental!  Feel your self rooted down into the earth.  Picture roots growing out of your feet, down into the layers of the soil, the bedrock until it reaches the earth’s core.  Once you are there, lock on.  Now imagine healing energy coming up from the earth’s core and entering in through the soles of your feet.  It travels up through your legs.  That amazing healing energy from the center of the earth enters into your torso, your chest, through your fingers, your hand and your arms.  That beautiful grounding energy enters into your heart, your throat up through your third eye and right out of the crown of your head-connecting you with the Universe, Heaven, your Angels and Spirit Guides.  Breath it in and then breath it out.  Stay in this state for as long as you need basking in the feeling of being cared for and nurtured.

Next, imagine the heaviness of the encounter, the environment or the situation dissipating.  See it breaking apart and floating off into the universe to be healed, transformed and used for good.  You can envision the puffs of a dandelion just floating off with the breeze.  It could look like a piece of driftwood floating on the waves as the tide recedes or a leaf floating along the river-drifting further and further away.  Whatever vision works best for you, imagine the energy getting lighter and further away. 

As the heaviness leaves your body, imagine healing white light coming down and entering into your crown chakra.  Feel the beautiful golden, white light purifying and releasing anything that does not serve your highest good.  Feel the warmth and the comfort of this healing light travel through your body from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.  Breath it in and LET IT CIRCULATE… 

Come back into the present moment.  Take a few deep breaths.  Notice how you feel-physically, mentally and emotionally. Take one last cleansing breath and embrace whatever comes next.

Check out this brief meditation that I created for a quick Energetic Re-Set!

Some tips for carrying this uplifting energy through your day…

Create a mantra for yourself such as, ”I am an instrument of healing.”  “I allow grace to flow through me.”  “I embrace the power of healing within me.” 

Imagine a bubble of white light surrounding you.  When negativity or challenging situations arise, see it bouncing off and allow the Universe to transform it into light and love.

Remember that what we focus on grows….the more you focus on gratitude for all of the gifts in your life, the more you are attracting things to be grateful for.

Are you looking for more ways to enhance or protect your energy? Check out my Energetic Reset Workshop on Saturday, December 21st at 10:30am!

Four Steps To An Energetic Re-Set
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