I have struggled.

I have questioned myself over and over.

Was it my fault?

What could I have done differently?

Do I deserve this?

And if I do, WHY?

It is with so much gratitude that I can say that ALL OF THAT IS IN THE PAST!  Once I was able to move through the grieving process of my divorce, I got to know myself a whole lot better!  I attended workshops that helped me to stretch-mind, body and soul.  I dove into Yoga and Meditation.  I created a mantra for myself to use in times of second guessing and feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I wrote.  I put it all out there in safe spaces with safe people and I let myself be truly vulnerable.  I kept the parts of me that I loved and I worked to create an even better version of myself through counseling, support groups and COACHING!  What I figured out was that I was allowing certain people to treat me as less than.  Over the years, I had a few relationships that were significantly emotionally abusive and I had been so verbally beaten down that I settled for less then I deserved.  I had lost sight of who I really was.  It was time to let go of the need to please in me.  I had to re-learn how to be assertive and ask for what I needed, wanted and deserved.  I had to let go of the little voice that told me I was being needy by asking for help.  I had to let go of my fear of judgement and putting the opinions of others before my own in order to keep the peace.

Through the process of opening myself to new ways of thinking and acting, I fell in love!  I fell in love with MYSELF!  And then….I found true love with the person that I was destined to be with for the rest of my life.  I know in my heart that had I not done the work on myself, this person would not have come my way.  Or maybe he would have but I would not have been able to recognize the connection and the potential that we had.  I can honestly say that TODAY, I am living the life of my dreams!  And, my mission is to help YOU to do the same!!!


I would LOVE to connect with YOU!  I invite you to reach out for a Complementary Exploration Call.

NOW is YOUR time to THRIVE!

With love & Gratitude!


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